Why do people find it difficult to stop playing gambling

As we all know, the stretching of online judi poker online gambling games  has become more and more endemic and is widely practiced by everyone. There is a definite purpose for each person why betting in gambling games. It is true, at first some gambling games were only as entertainment during spare time.

But over the times until now, many people gamble with the Daftar Slot Online Terpercaya of getting profits, whether in the form of gifts, goods, or property or financial gain (real money).

Various Reasons for Difficult People to Stop Playing Gambling

When talking about gambling, gambling is an activity or action that is carried out by playing one or several types of games, in which there is something that each player is betting on. Can bet something in the form of property, goods and what is most at stake in gambling is real money. Each type of betting game also has a different genre. As we know that the type of gambling betting game can be in the form of card games, casino gambling, guessing numbers and so on.

Although some people only make gambling activities an entertainment, it is not uncommon for some people to feel unsatisfied if they only daftar casino sexy gaming gamble for entertainment. So, that’s when a gambling bet appears based on the rules every player has to prepare capital or something to stake. Actually, there are several things that underlie why it is difficult for many people to stop playing gambling, including:

  • Lots of prizes and benefits

The first most powerful reason why people cannot stop gambling or Casino Slot Online Indonesia is because in gambling games, there are many lucrative and attractive prizes for some players to win. Call it like a bonus prize in the form of money, or another form of prize which is also often used as a reward in betting. Obviously, if you look at the benefits, people are reluctant to stop betting.

  • Very entertaining and fun

Besides being profitable with the many prizes that can be won, it is difficult for people to stop playing gambling because some of the games are very entertaining and can be the most appropriate entertainment media, especially when you have a lot of free time. The results of winning bets are besides satisfying, of course, making some bettors more productive in getting lots of luck. Because the basis of the creation of gambling is to provide interesting but profitable entertainment. It is also what makes it very difficult for people to stop gambling.

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Effective Ways to Get Rid of Addiction to Playing the Game of Gambling

Seeing the current conditions where technology is very sophisticated, access to gambling is making it easier for all players with the online system. Especially with the large number of online betting sites circulating, making it easy for anyone to do it. Although it is profitable and very entertaining, the act of gambling cannot be justified and is wrong based on Islamic views.

If we are a Muslim, of course we have realized that the act of playing gambling or qimar is clearly haram. As qimar in the view of Muslims, it requires provisions in which the winning player will get something in return in the form of money or other items from the losing player. And the provisions in Islam, qimar or gambling are very haram and have been written in the Koran as a legal basis. If we keep this in mind, it should be very easy for us to start giving up gambling games. Therefore, if you want it to be easier to stop playing gambling, it is true that every process takes some time, but from some of the efforts made, it might make it easier for you to quit so you don’t get addicted to gambling. There are several effective ways to get rid of addiction to playing gambling games are as follows:

Always remembering that any game of gambling is illegal in the eyes of religion

The first, which is certainly the most effective and optimal way to get rid of addiction to gambling is to always remember that gambling is haram. That way, some players will think more about stopping and doing various other activities that are more lawful and beneficial to do. Although not all people obey the provisions of their respective religions. However, we can start this method from ourselves.

Avoiding the Environment or World of Gambling

Another easy way to make it easier for us to stop gambling is to start avoiding the environment or the world of gambling itself. Because of that environment it will be difficult for us to stop and continue gambling if we continue to be in it.

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Ask for Advice and Input from Some of Your Closest Friends or Relatives

If in our environment only we are different from others, then we need to be grateful, because it will be easier to stop playing gambling by asking for advice or help from our closest relatives. Usually, solutions from some relatives or even family are very effective in reminding us to be able to stop this gambling betting activity. Because the understanding of some of our close relatives will be better than others to always remind us of which things are positive and which are negative things like this bet.

Keep Yourself Busy and More Focused on Your Work

There is also another very effective way to make us stop gambling is to get busy, one of which is to focus on the positive work that we have and do every day. In this way, we will forget to play gambling. Of course, focusing more on positive things can be more beneficial for anyone today and in the future.

Various Risks and Impacts in Playing Gambling

Some ordinary people or who are new to the world of gambling betting , have indeed made him curious to try. Coupled with the many advertisements about the benefits of gambling on the internet, it is increasingly making anyone interested in doing it. Moreover, if they are obsessed with making big profits. It is true, winning at gambling can make anyone profit. But also know what kind of bad impact we will get if we lose. To make it easier to remind you, here are some of the risks and bad effects of frequent gambling, including:

  • Lose a lot of money, even a job

The worst impact that can be experienced if gambling is the risk of making anyone lose a lot of money or even lose a career. This will not have an impact on the bettor who wins, but if you lose, of course we will lose a lot, especially money. Therefore, by remembering this one tip, it will make us think twice about gambling.

  • Emotions run out of control

This bad impact returns again for players who lose gambling. The reason is, it is true that frequent failure to bet will make one’s emotions more uncontrollable due to stress or frustration. As a result, some who are close to us will be affected, even worse can make someone do negative things.

  • Lazy to work
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From the frequency of gambling, it could be that doing positive activities such as working becomes unhappy and reluctant to do so. That is because in one’s mind only gambling, not infrequently even willing to sacrifice their career just for betting. Of course if this is allowed to continue continuously, the bad consequences can last until a later date.

  • Sparking hostility

This is why in gambling betting, winning and losing is still useless. Especially if someone loses the bet, they will hate the opponent who won the gamble. And this is what often triggers hostility from knowing each other with many friends to hating each other. Obviously this has a very bad impact that is not only felt by ourselves.

  • Has a bad impact on the family

We have to be even more careful if we are too frequent to make bets. The reason is, losses will not only affect ourselves, but will also involve our family or closest relatives. Especially when we lose, our family also feels the impact, such as losing something at home for betting capital or paying off debt due to losing gambling.

Some Motivations That Make You Want To Make A Bet

If you look at the old days where this gambling could only be done by land, there were not many people who did it. Mainly because of the vulnerable safety factor as well as the bad image of gambling itself. However, with the ease of access in today’s digital age, some people are even interested in making bets because it is very easy. Especially for deposit transactions that do not need to be made through a land port like before. Because even transactions, if you want to play betting, are getting easier with the large selection of payment systems that all bettors can make.

This is also one of the motivations for some people why they want to make bets without seeing the bad effects. However, if we already know the bad effects outweigh the benefits, it would be better to stop and not make bets if you want to avoid big losses later.