Understanding Handicap Tables and their Functions

In the soccer gambling betting game , there are various types of soccer markets with various terms. One of them is a handicap or commonly known as hdp or voor .

The handicap itself in online soccer gambling agen judi hokibet99 betting is a term in the type of ball market in soccer gambling betting. This voor or hdp means that it is the advantage or inequality which is presented in the online soccer gambling betting game.

Because, if a gambler plays by placing a bet on the handicap or voor market, then the winning team must assign a score or goal score to the underdog or underdog team. Vice versa, if we choose a football team that is not superior, then we will have a goal advantage at the start of the match.The goal value or voor itself depends on the provisions of the two gamblers. Handicap / hdp actually does not only apply or exist in soccer gambling.

However handicap / hdp betting is also known in sportsbook gambling or other sports betting. In addition, handicap / hdp is known to be the basis of situs judi bola online soccer betting. The reason is, in soccer betting, other types of football markets are always related to the handicap or voor market. Therefore, if you want to be able to play soccer betting online by choosing this handicap or voor market, it is better if every soccer gambling bettor is please to know the explanation and what things are in this voor ball market.

Definition of Voor / Handicap Market Types

Online soccer gambling betting games are already widely known to online gambling fans. No exception, one of them in Indonesia. Therefore, it is not surprising that many trusted online soccer gambling agents are present in Indonesia. In Indonesia itself, this type of handicap or voor market is very popular. Many players choose Daftar Bandar Bola Online handicap market type because the stakes are easier. Therefore, before you can play this handicap online ball bet, gamblers should first know the explanation and how to calculate this handicap. different from other market types, this handicap bet will provide a handicap table . The handicap table itself, of course, has its own functions and benefits. Especially for every gambler, please read the number images which are provided in the handicap tab.

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There are actually 2 types of handicaps , namely the Asian handicap and the European handicap. In Asian handicaps, no draw options are found and there are only losers or wins. Because it only provides home-away bets. different from European Vooran where a draw bet is provided besides losing to winning. That means, if the gambler wins, he will win in full. Likewise, if you lose, you will lose. For calculations and explanations from this handicap table, please refer to some of the best and easy explanations.

In a handicap table provided by the football bookie site, provides the hdp value, match results, and bet results from both teams. Either win, lose to draw. How to calculate it is not too difficult. An example of the explanation is that if the value is 0 in face, then there is no voice or draw. This means that no one wins in full. Then, if the hdp is 0.05 or 0.25, it means the same as 1/4 vooran. O.5 is vooran 1/2 or half. 1 means playing with 1 vooran or winning 1 goal. And so on.

How to Read or Calculate Asian Handicap Table Images, as well as a Guide to Knowing the Correlation between Handicaps, Match Results and Bet Results

To make it easier to read the HDP table, gamblers, please visit one of the trusted soccer bookmaker sites first. Because usually, if one of the bookies will provide a handicap along with an explanation table. So that players will find it easier to read and become the best way to win and so as not to lose in betting. Can visit sbobet Agen Terpercaya Sbobet other soccer sites. Below are some examples of the calculation.

  • Vooran 0
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In the handicap table, for 0 votes, if a team in the league results in full wins, then the bet result also wins in full. If the league result is a draw, the bet is the return. If you lose, the bet results also lose. That means both teams are a draw, neither has lost nor won in full.

  • Vooran -0.25

at -0.25 vooran, members can know and read that the vooran above is -0.25, meaning that the top team chosen will play by giving the other team a goal or score advantage. With a value of -0.25, it means that 1/4 of the opposing player has a goal advantage. For league results and betting results when competing, that is, if you win in full, you will win in full. If you draw, the gambler who gives the vooran will lose half. Then if you lose, the result is losing.

  • Vooran value -0.5

To read vooran -0.5, the same as count in a match with vooran -0.25. If the match results in a full win, of course the bet wins in full for the member above who gives a 1/2 vote. If the result is a draw, then you will lose. Especially if you lose, you will lose badly.

  • -0.75

If the player gets a full 2 ​​goals win, he will win in full. If you draw or draw, you will lose according to the HDP value. Winning 1 goal will still win in full and will not lose.

  • Vooran value -1

In vooran -1, if the match results in a full 2 ​​goals win, the player wins in full, winning 1 goal means capital returns, draws and loses the result is a loss and not a draw.

  • -1.25
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If the match results in a full 2 ​​goals win, then the bet wins in full. If you win 1 goal your capital returns. If you draw then the result will still lose.

  • 1.75

If the game is a full win with 3 goals, then the result is a full win, 2 goals win, then it is still declared to have won. Then, win 1 goal and draw, the result is defeat. Likewise if you lose.

Ease and Benefits

From the match count guide above based on the hdp table, it can provide an overview of the ease and benefits of members joining this soccer gambling vooran bet so they don’t lose. To find out more, please members can directly visit the sbobet soccer agent to get complete information. Of course, all terms like full win or draw on Vooran will be able to gamblers find the following examples of terms in it.

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