This is The God of Gambling From the Field of Poker

Some time ago, there have been reports of the existence of a figure of a gambling god. Those who are from the city of Kalimantan are currently being hunted by members Daftar Bandar Bola Terpercaya of the FBI. This gambling god who exists is known to be named from Paul Phua, who also comes from an island in Kalimantan. Although there are people who come from the city of Borneo, this Phua is also not a native of Indonesia but is originally from Malaysia.

Phua is also known as one of the largest bookmakers in the world. That and over the years he has had the greatest influence on gambling in the world. Launching that from ESPN, this man Phua is a very simple figure. That is, as long as he has been in the world of gambling, he has also established a gambling empire in Hong Kong. Also Las Vegas, there is London and there is also Melbourne. slot online

It turned out that there was not only Phua, recently there was also a man who came from Medan, in North Sumatra. It is rumored to have been one of the most respected gamblers around the world. Last Monday (8/4/2019), a man from Medan once became an icon of this world poker who was doing the profession of a professional gambler.

The name of John Juanda in 2014 was a hot topic of conversation. Which because of his achievement won from the World Series of Poker or (WSOP). According to, the name John Juanda has not only won the WSOP once. That but there have been five times as well.

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Won Many World Championships

From his achievements he won five times in the WSOP tournament, this John also received a total prize of USD 2,330,926 as well as around IDR 28 billion. John Juandan’s gambling activity began when he finished his master’s degree at Seattle University, in the United States.

Juanda started to get to know the game of poker when he daftar casino online traveling to this country in America to be able to continue his education from the S1 in 1990. While on the flight on the plane, a friend next to him introduced him to this type of poker game.

After he graduated from S1, he continued his education to S2. It was during his master’s degree that John filled his spare time from college playing poker gambling. The one inside the existing casino is located not far from the campus of Seattle University.

In Introducing Friends In Poker Gambling

In 1999, John Juanda also participated in the championship of the WSOP professional in his first. And also at that time, there was also managed to rank at ninth. That as well as getting prizes with a total of USD 1,500.

After he got his MBA degree in 1996. It was from this man who was born on July 8, 1971 that he also decided to want to become a professional gambler and there made poker gambling his source of income. During the next four months, in the same tournament he also managed to finish also in seventh place. That and is also entitled to a prize of USD 399,600.

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During that summer in 2000, Juanda also made himself a rising star. Those in the professional poker gambling tournament when he managed to finish also that six times.