How To Win Poker For Beginners, Tricks And Strategies

How to Win Playing Poker – daftar poker online Yes, win poker. This is something we all dream of playing poker . Poker is one game that is quite popular with various groups both below and above. There are even prestigious tournaments held for the game of poker with fantastic prizes. Prizes for the main winners of the tournament can reach millions of US dollars. Poker is a fairly easy game to play, even for beginners. Quite a few can play poker, but do they know how to play poker and win? Not necessarily! To win a poker game is not an easy thing to do.

There are many obstacles that we will face in this poker game. Whether it’s the arrangement of the cards we receive or the combination with the cards on the table. Even sometimes when we already have good cards in our hands, defeat can still come.

How to win poker for beginners

Then how to play  good poker and win it? This article will not make you 100% sure to win in a game.

This article aims to practice your ability to read the best possible way to continue the fight in poker card games . This article will also help you take the important steps to maximize agen ibcbet your chances of winning.

What are those steps? Let’s look at some important steps below.

How to Win Poker Based on the Starting Hand Kartu

The starting poker online uang asli hand or we can call the Initial Card are the two cards that we first get after we fill the “pot” at the table. From this Initial Card we can determine whether we will continue or stop playing.

After we get the Starting Hands, we must immediately decide whether we will continue playing or not. If we want to continue, then we are required to add a “pot” on the table to proceed to the flop round. But if it turns out that the taruhan bola terpercaya Hands that we have are not good, then we should stop or fold.

To determine whether we will continue or stop, we must pay attention to the combination of poker cards that we have. Then how do we determine the combination of Starting Hands we have is good or not? Below, the author attaches a table image.

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The table image above has three types of color columns, Green, Yellow and Red. What do each of these colors mean?

Green: Good card combination, may proceed to the flop round.

Yellow: Medium card combination, has a 50% chance to advance to the flop round.

Red: Combination of bad/bad cards, do not proceed to the flop round if there is a bluff from the opponent.

In the table above the author has categorized several Starting Hands card arrangements that can help facilitate decision making.

Poker is a very stressful game. The pressure that the author means here is pressure in the form of bluffing bets. Everyone who has a good combination of poker cards will definitely raise the bet before moving on to the next round.

How to Win Poker Based on Card Composition

From the table above, we can conclude how strong our card position is based on the bluff made by our opponent.

If our card combination is in the yellow column, for example, Ace and 6. Then our chances of getting a good card combination in the next round are quite low. If it turns out that our opponent is bluffing by raising the bet “high enough”, then the author recommends closing the card or stopping. However, if the opponent only raises the value of the bet by a small amount then it may be considered to “Call” and proceed to the flop round.

The combination of cards in the Yellow column does provoke a dilemma in poker games. If there is one opponent who has a good card composition, then it is certain that he will increase the number of bets. However, there are also players who have a combination of cards in the yellow column who dare to take risks to increase their bets. This decision is of course based on how good or bad the composition of the cards is.

Indeed, sometimes a bluff from the opponent does not mean the card he has is a good combination. But it’s a good idea to take care of the possibility that the opponent turns out to have a good card combination.

When our opponent bluffs in the Pre-Flop, this can mean two things. First, he does have a good combination of poker cards . The second possibility is that he is just bluffing and hoping that his co-star will back down so that he will get the “pot” prize.

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How to Win Poker

It is very rare for a professional player to make a high bluff in the Pre-Flop unless he really has a good card combination. Players who often make high stakes bluffs in the Pre-Flop are usually either overconfident or a very stupid amateur.

Then what if we get the composition of the cards in the red column table? Has the world ended? Of course not. The composition of the cards in the red column does not mean the end of everything or we are 100% sure to lose. Not necessarily. This is the fun of playing poker. Winning or losing is not only determined by the good or bad composition of the starting card. But it is determined by how we can read the bluffs made by our opponents.

Let’s take an example, suppose we get a composition of 8 and 3 cards with different flowers (Non-suited). So are you sure you will lose? Of course not entirely true. When viewed statistically, indeed this card combination is not a good card. Then can we continue the fight to the flop round, then the turn and finally the river? The answer lies in the steps that our opponent does.

If none of our opponents “Raise” (raise the bet amount), then we have the possibility to continue to the flop round.

However, if there are our opponents who do “Raise”, then the author suggests that you should retreat or close the card. But this comes back to your decision. Do you feel lucky or not to participate in raising the bet and proceed to the flop round. Because to be able to win a poker game also depends on the “luck” factor.

Usually in professional poker tournaments, players apply a more extreme system. There are even players who are willing to close their cards in the Pre-Flop even though he has an ace and 10 of the same suit. They will only proceed to the Pre-Flop if they have a really good card composition.

Below the author includes a more extreme composition table that is usually applied by professional poker players.

How to Win Poker Professionally

We can see in the table above, even players who have aces and 10 cards with the same flower only have a 50-60% chance of being able to win a poker game. Quite extreme indeed, but that’s how professional poker players apply their game system.

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In general, professional players will back off when their opponent bluffs if he has a bad card composition. But there are also those who participate in raising the bet to be able to see the composition of the cards in the flop round. << Flop round poker article

But then again, rarely does anyone do this, unless all the players at the table don’t “Raise”.

The author advises to back off if you hold the composition of the cards in the red column is not without reason. The main and most important reason is so that your bankroll (capital) is not wasted.

You have to remember that every time you sit at the poker table you bring a bankroll (capital) for you to play. Do you want your capital to be wasted just to see the composition of the cards in the flop round? Of course not. Even as much as possible you hope your bankroll (capital) will increase.

This is where the table function that the author provides. The goal is that you know at which point you have to fight for your card and at which point you have to give it up (close the card). Closing the cards does not mean you have lost, but reflects self-control and a clever personality.


Playing based on good starting hands is one way to win poker . If you find yourself often getting a poor starting hand composition at one table, it’s a good idea to move to another table. Maybe at another table you will get a better Initial Card composition than the previous table.

Once again the author emphasizes, self-control is an absolute thing that must be owned by poker players . If you can not control yourself and emotions well, then you have lost half of the capital you have.

Until here the article How to Win Poker was written and it is hoped that this article will be easy to digest. Hopefully you get the benefits and goals as you expect. Finally, the author wishes you good luck and see you in another article.