7 Tricks to Win Playing Poker and Domino Online 2017

situs judi qq online terpercaya Poker and domino games are two types of card games that are popular and often played by online gambling players. From the type of card used alone, these two games have shown a striking difference. For those of you who have just heard the names of poker and dominoes, here are the differences between these two games, which are as follows:

1. Poker games are played using playing cards totaling 52 cards, while domino games are played with dominoes totaling 28 cards.
2. Cards in poker games consist situs judi domino online of 4 types of card images, each of which has 13 card values, namely Ace, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q and K. While the domino card consists of 7 series of cards consisting of the “0” – “7” card series.
3. The determination of the winner in the poker game is determined from the arrangement of the player’s cards consisting of the lowest card order, namely High Card to the highest, namely Royal Flush. While in the domino game, the determination of the winner is determined from the sum of the card values ​​owned by the player with the highest card value being 9 (kiu).

Although these two games are different, situs idn poker but to win in these two games is the same. Well, in this article I will provide information about 7 surefire tricks to win playing online poker and dominoes 2017. What are these tricks? Please read in full below, ONLINE POKER AGENT

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Tricks to Win Playing Poker and Dominoes Online

The following are surefire tricks that you can use to win at online poker and domino games as follows:

1. Determine the target number of wins you want. The target number of wins is a reminder for you so that you can get the maximum win from these two games.
2. Before playing, enter one of the game rooms you want. daftar akun judi rolet, what you do is pay attention to the other players’ playing styles. In addition to reading the movements and how to play your opponent’s cards, you also have to be able to analyze the seats that often give the players victory. Don’t forget to record what you see on the game table.
3. After you record what you see on the game table, including the seats that often win. Of course, in each of the game rooms, there are one or more seats that give the players victory. Do a detailed analysis of all the seats and you will find one seat that has a higher winning percentage than the other seats.
4. Play without adding bets. Your goal in doing this is so that your playing style is not easily read by your opponents. Try to be consistent on this trick and you will definitely get a big win.
5. Don’t keep money that you have won before. Show all the game credits you have, the goal is to make your opponent think twice if they want to face you one on one. In addition, the large number of game credits can be used as a weapon to bully opponents who have few game credits.
6. You must occasionally learn to give a chance to win to an opponent who has a large playing capital. Even if the cards you have are better and beat them outright. But by subtly provoking his emotions, you’ll make him feel like a great player and eventually act recklessly. When that happens, take advantage of the opportunity and you will beat it in just 1 game.
7. When playing, make sure you act tough on yourself. If you have managed to win at the winning target number that you have set yourself. Stop playing because the target of victory is your commitment when playing. Therefore, you must remain consistent or what you will experience is a complete defeat.

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