How to Win Free Plug in Togel

In Indonesia, the online lottery gambling game is one of the most popular games and is favored by the public. And one of the famous and favorite online lottery gambling is plug-in free online lottery gambling. Why is free plug-in lottery so popular?

Because this free plug-in lottery has a chance to win more than other online lottery games. In the lottery game itself, there are 2 variations, namely the guess numbers lottery and the fringe lottery. This fringe lottery is like the dragon plug lottery, the free plug, the right plug, the 2D plug and the edge game too. This free plug-in lottery does have a great chance of winning, but you also have to know how to win the correct free plug-in lottery. In this article, we will discuss the tricks to win the free plug-in lottery gambling game.

This free plug-in game is very simple, you only need to guess 1 number that will come out. No matter what comes out, for example the position of the tail, head, header or axle, your bet Daftar Bandar Roulette will still be won. For the prize itself, this depends on the online lottery gambling agent. It also usually depends on how much you bet.

How to play

Here we will try to explain in detail how to win the free plug-in lottery. The first is in the number column game slot uang asli which contains numbers, you choose and place your bet, then the discount or discount is the amount of capital that you will bet on. In the pay section is the price figure that you need to pay after you get a price discount, and the confirmation section is the part where you confirm the number of bets that have been placed. This is the first step in playing free plug-in lottery.

The following are important things that you must pay attention to in playing free online lottery bets. The first is the numeric column where you have to choose numbers from 0 to 9. 4 numbers for online lottery bets are 4 numbers and for free plug-in lottery is 1 number. Then the installation column where you enter the nominal bet number that you want to place.

Confirm the bet

Then the confirmation column to confirm the bet. If you already understand the basic basics of this, it is certain that the victory will belong to you. Now we agen judi bola explain about an example of how to get a win in a free plug-in online lottery game, for example, you place a bet of 100 thousand rupiah for free plug 5 and the result that comes out is 1048, then the victory is yours because the number you bet comes out in that result. . It is important for you to try the free plug-in lottery first compared to other types of lottery because the free plug-in type lottery gives you a greater chance of winning.

Remember to always choose the official online lottery site so that you can make sure that the game you are playing is really legit and there will be no intention of tricking you. Now we will discuss an example of playing the free plug-in lottery.


For free lottery gambling, you can get a price discount of 5 percent of your bet number and the prize can be multiplied by 2 if you manage to get a win, for example, you put a number 6 for 200 thousand rupiah and the next number that comes out is 6890, that means the number that comes out you win 1 point.

And your total win means 200 thousand rupiah multiplied by 2 which is 400 thousand rupiah. If you lose it means you can get a 5 percent discount, which means you only need to pay 190 thousand rupiah. And 10 thousand will be returned in the form of a balance to the virtual wallet. Now the example above is if you only win 1 number. For example, you put the number 8 for 50 thousand rupiah and the number that comes out is 8888. That means you can get a win of 50 thousand rupiah multiplied by 4, which is 200 thousand rupiah.

Lottery gambling

Next is 2d lottery gambling, this type of lottery gambling has 2 different choice numbers, if the free colok is only one number while this 2d will issue 2 different numbers and the betting discount for this 2d gambling is 10 percent, and the winnings will also be multiplied by 2, so for example, if you put numbers 4 and 5 of 200 thousand rupiah, it means that your total bet is 400 thousand rupiah and the result of the 2d lottery number that comes out is 4567, meaning you get a win of 200 thousand rupiah multiplied by 2 which means 400 thousand rupiah. And if you lose, you only need to pay 360 thousand, 40 thousand will be put into your virtual wallet.

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