How to Play City Soccer World Cup

How to Play City Soccer World Cup

WORLD CUP BALL BANDAR – Taking part in the biggest soccer party in the world of drunk88 provides guidance on how to play the world cup football bookie, for bettors who are accustomed to betting online gambling, there is no need to be confused because just trust their experts in online gambling Daftar Casino Online Terpercaya.

Many online gambling sites provide user id creation for bettors who want to join to place bets, but of course they have different rules, currently it is not talking about promos that will be given but whether they are able to pay the winnings that the bettor gets.

For that, in order to be able to play bola deposit pulsa with a world cup football dealer who has been trusted by many people and now for you to take part in this, because whatever 100% bettor wins are paid off and some guidelines on how to play soccer betting can be listened to in the image below

How to Play City Soccer World Cup

When in the beginning, then the first step for the bettor to be able to participate in betting with the city of football world cup 2018 click the register button as already marked, and after that the bettor will be directed to the next menu as below:

How to Play City Soccer World Cup

Username- This is the user that the agen judi bola bettor will use to be able to log into the game.
Password- Confidentiality of your account if you want to get a password that is not easy for other people to memorize, use a combination of letters and numbers, for example (abcd1213) and must be remembered.

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Confirm Password- Enter the same password as before to make sure the bettor is not originally filled in.

Email – You can skip or use a valid email because it will be very much needed when the bettor wants to ask for password research .

Phone No- Is a valid cellphone number because it is very important to change passwords and please remember and not originate.

The name of the bank is the type of bank, the name on the bank is the name of the ownership, the account number is the account number that the bettor gets when opening a savings account.

After successfully registering, the bettor can go to the login menu as Daftar Judi Casino Online, so if you have entered the site, the display in the world cup dealer will be like this:

How to Play City Soccer World Cup

After logging in, a menu like this is what the bettor will see as the sign in the top circle is the total credit which is still in the main wallet and to play in each circle such as sport – casino – poker, the bettor can click a menu that says transfer.

  • From – From the original wallet that you want to transfer to.
  • To – Is the purpose of transferring credit.

Balance Amount – This is how much the bettor wants to enter and for this process the bettor can enter the nominal.

  • 10 = 10,000 thousand Rupiah
  • 100 = 100,000 thousand Rupiah
  • 1000 = 1000,000 million Rupiah

So the nominal like the example above is 10, 100, 1000 which is the bettor input because the three zeros behind it do not count, but for deposits you still use the nominal as usual.

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Here are some guidelines about playing together and joining drunk88 as a trusted world cup bookie operator and after that we will summarize after this how to play in each game.