How to Play Bandar Sakong

Bandar Sakong dewa judi qq or what is often referred to as the online Sakong game is a card gambling game that is well known in the world. Even for young people in Indonesia, of course, they already know about this game. For how to play it is quite easy and easy to understand, that is, only by adding up 3 cards in the hand that will be competed with the dealer’s card. This game uses playing cards which are usually used in poker games . Usually the online Sakong game is played by 8 people, 7 people become players and 1 person becomes a dealer. In addition to how to play that is easy to understand, this game can also make it easier for us to win and get instant profits.

History of Sakong

The game of sakong has been played by people in China for a very long time. People from the kingdom are also players of this game even the name of Sakong comes from Sa which means three and Kong which means king. Initially this game was only played by people from the kingdom and many mentioned this game for the king, queen and his soldiers.

The Sakong game usually uses agen dewapoker88 playing cards totaling 52 cards and how to play it is very easy to understand. Of the 52 cards will be randomized and given 3 cards to each player, the three cards are combined and will be competed with other players and of course the card holder with the highest combination will win.

In this game, it has a very long history, many even believe that the origin of this game is from France, but there are also experts who say this game came from Italy. And this game is very popular because it was born in the middle of the century on the European continent at that time.


After this game was created in Italy and in the early 1500s it was introduced to France and it didn’t take long, this game immediately received a warm welcome from the French community and became a favorite gambling game at that situs judi bola terbesar. At first this Sakong gambling game did not have a dealer, and from now on it was the creation of a Sakong dealer and a mobile dealer for players who have chips according to the minimum requirements of the dealer. Then this gambling game was introduced to several large and famous casinos at that time such as Casino Las Vegas and Casino Macau in the 1900s. This Sakong game has become prestigious among casino gambling because it started playing with the city.

Sakong’s Development

This game was born in the 1990s and has spread to various parts of the world which makes it easier for players of this type of gambling to carry out their hobby to play this Sakong game. daftar domino99 Until now this gambling game has been based online, so players do not need to find a dealer or gather people to play this game. Players can enjoy this game online anywhere and anytime because it can be accessed from a smartphone. And also this game can be played without the need to download any application so it can be played on a computer or smartphone if you have registered at your trusted bookie. Of course, the most useful advantage is that this game can be played online anywhere and anytime.

Guide to Play Sakong

The Sakong game is very easy to understand and easy to learn, at 1 table will be filled by 8 people where one of them is a dealer. To become a dealer, you need a lot of chips, in this game the card value is also different from each card as follows: Aces are worth 1 and cards that have numbers 2-9 have a value of 2-9 so cards 10, J, Q, K have a value of 0 or 10. The winner of this game is determined by the value of the card obtained and pitted against the dealer. And if the dealer’s card is the same value as the player’s card, the dealer will be the winner.

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The course of the Sakong game at the online gambling table can be summarized as:

  • At the beginning of each game, players will get 3 cards which become cards to be pitted in that round.
  • The players must add up the value of the cards they get.
  • The highest card value in this game is worth 30, with a minimum value of 25 so that you can compete with the dealer.
  • The dealer is required to have a card value with a minimum value of 25 in order to play and if it does not reach this minimum value, the dealer will be counted as losing and will pay to all players. If the player who gets a card value below 25 then the dealer will win and get all the benefits of the player who has a card value below 25.

Jackpot Card in Sakong

In the Bandar Sakong game there are several jackpots that can be achieved by the players when playing this game at the table. The largest order of cards in this game is AAA, KKK, QQQ, JJJ, 10-10-10 and a card that is worth 30. If in this game you get an AAA card, the players will get paid 3 times the nominal bet. And if the player gets a KKK, QQQ, JJJ, 10-10-10 card, the player will get paid 2x the nominal bet. And if the player gets a card with a total value of 30 then the player will get paid 1x the nominal bet. This game includes games that are easy to play and include games that are easy to make money from jackpots that are quite easy to get.

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