Easy Guide to Playing Dragon Tiger Casino Gambling for Beginners

Easy Guide to Playing Dragon Tiger Casino Gambling for Beginners

In the world of casino gambling, do you know what Dragon Tiger is? This one game is popular among card gambling lovers because it is interesting and also the big chance of getting agen bola terbesar the win. It’s no wonder that many people have started playing this card gambling game as one of the most promising moneymakers. This game Judi Slot Online Terbaik also very easy to play so beginners can still play this game smoothly without any problems at all.

Even so, to be able to play it, of course it is necessary to understand how the basics and also the stakes of the game itself. Therefore, we will explain a few things about the Dragon Tiger gambling for you so that it is easy to bet later. Therefore, let’s just look at the following playing guide.

Dragon Tiger Casino Gambling Guide and Bet Types

Judi Casino Online Dragon Tiger

In dragon tiger gambling, the dealer will use a set of judi casino online playing cards to play. Later the dealer will distribute the cards in two positions, namely “Dragon” and “Tiger”. The player will later bet on which bet position has the highest value, either “Dragon” or “Lion”. However, players can also guess if the approximate card played is a draw and by betting “Tie”

The value of the playing cards used for this bet, of course, has its own conditions. The card with the highest value is King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and the smallest is Ace. Such is the value arrangement possessed by the dragon tiger from the highest to the lowest. In other gambling, maybe Ace can be the highest but not for this game.

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To understand more about this one casino gambling, the features of this game will also be explained. This is so that you are not wrong when placing bets and can understand more about this card gambling game.

  • Dragon: Players place bets with a Dragon card value greater than the Tiger.
  • Tiger: Players place bets with a Tiger card value greater than Dragon.
  • Tie: Players place bets with the same Dragon and Tiger card value or tie.
  • Big Dragon: Player bet large amount with Dragon card (8 to 13).
  • Small Dragon: Player bets small amount with a Dragon card (1 to 6).
  • Big Tiger: Players bet high value with the Tiger card (8 to 13).
  • Small Tiger: Player bets small value with Tiger card (1 to 6).
  • Bet on Dragon Tiger Casino Gambling on the Official Site

Dragon Tiger Official Online Casino Site

To be able to bet dragon tiger casino games, not all sites provide Judi Slot Online Terpercaya . If you want to experience the excitement, convenience, and benefits of betting on this game, then play on the official casino gambling site. Surely you will find this gambling easily on the official site. Not only that, playing this one card game on the official site will give you a greater chance of a fair result because all games are run with a guaranteed system. So there is no need to worry if you will feel cheated later when betting. This is the best reason why you must bet on the official casino site to experience dragon tiger gambling.

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