Definition of Gambling from Beginning to Modern Era

Many people have been successful by getting judi taruhan bola big profits from gambling with an income in the form of tantalizing real money, but it is not uncommon for many people to experience large losses due to losing in gambling. Even though many people have experienced huge losses by spending a lot of money as a result of gambling, this does not seem to discourage some people from playing gambling with the aim of being able to get the maximum profit. So, what exactly is meant by gambling or gambling?

Get to know the term gambling betting game

The term gambling or gambling in Arabic is also known as qimar or maysir. Qimar or gambling itself means all forms and types of games in which every winning player has the right to take anything such as prizes, assets, money or other examples of items from a player who loses the bet. Based on Islamic law and in the eyes of the scholars, gambling or anything that risks everything in the game is considered haram and is a prohibited act.

Gambling itself is of course various types of games and even Slot Online Uang Asli there are more and more gambling games that everyone can play. In fact, the development of gambling betting in Indonesia itself has become endemic and increasingly makes people do it. Regardless of the type of play, the conditions remain the same that the winner will get any prize such as property, money or other items. While the loser gets a loss due to the loss of something he has, whether it’s part of his property, goods, money or prizes that must be given to the winners.

The law of betting on gambling in Islam

The main thing that underlies the law of betting or gambling is that it is haram and prohibited by most of the religious scholars based on Islamic law, of course the negative impact of gambling itself is enormous. As in the explanation above, that the legal gambling bet is haram and has been explained and is contained in the Al-Quran. By knowing the language or the term gambling, of course it can be burdensome for one of the parties, especially those who experience defeat because daftar casino sa gaming they will lose some of what they have to the winner. Whether you win or lose, if you look at it, the impact will be very bad. Even if you win a lottery or a prize in a gambling game for the winner, it will not stop him, instead he will continue to be addicted to get an even bigger fortune.

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Likewise with those who lose gambling who are sure to have very large losses. In fact, this will make them continue to try to find ways to win bets that are not guaranteed to win. Therefore, from the understanding and language regarding betting, it can be said that it is not allowed according to Islamic law.

Various types of gambling games are often played

The diversity of types of gambling games is the main basis and the reason why everyone is so curious and wants to try their luck by playing gambling. Being obsessed with big profits, of course, makes a few people interested in gambling with the aim and hope of achieving big fortunes. Until now, at least there have been several types of gambling games that are often played by every player. Starting from gambling with number draws such as guessing lottery numbers, guessing scores in soccer gambling, and gambling with other numbers / numbers. Not only that, there are also various examples of other types of gambling games that we find today and it is easy to find each type. As for several other types of gambling, including dice gambling, playing cards such as poker cards, Judi Slot Online Terbaik cards and other types. The ease with which people are looking for any game to play, of course makes more and more new gamblers arrive. Coupled with the many advertisements about gambling site pages circulating on the internet with various types of gaming genres from dice gambling to other types of gambling.

Recognize some of the negative effects of playing gambling

There are several reasons, of course, why playing gambling is prohibited by most parties or circles, especially in the eyes of religion. Therefore, before you want to play gambling, of course, anyone also needs to explore the language or terms of gambling itself so that they think twice when they want to do it. Even though there is a lot of speculation and a ban on gambling, it doesn’t necessarily make it easy for anyone to stop gambling. Before you want to make a bet, identify some of the negative impacts and losses that can be caused by playing gambling, including:

  • Make anyone addicted
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Any action or activity that is considered negative, of course, has an addictive effect on those who do it, including in this case of gambling. If this gambling activity has been carried out frequently, then the main impact of course will make anyone addicted and that is something that can cause big losses. If you win the bet, people will get the profit, but the desire to get even more luck through prizes or other luck often arises. The goal is to get more profit, in fact, it is not uncommon for it to make players who previously had a lot of luck become losers. And it will continue and become addictive if there is no self-awareness of each.

  • Cause stress

Playing gambling can also lead to the possibility of anyone becoming stressed, especially for players who have suffered big losses because they lost a lot. So that in the end, he will experience stress, and can even make anyone do other negative things as an escape. Of course this impact is very bad and many gamblers have experienced it.

  • It will only make you poor

If we realize, no one gets rich from gambling. In fact there is, by gambling it is very likely to make anyone fall into poverty, even though the impact will not be felt directly. Because, even if they have succeeded in winning gambling, whether in dice gambling, guessing numbers or other examples of gambling, the money they get will actually be used again to play gambling again.

The best tips for eliminating gambling addiction

In fact, there are so many ways and ways you can do to avoid or get rid of your gambling addiction. Especially for some people who have been engaged in this gambling activity for a long time. Therefore, if you feel you have been addicted to gambling, it is never too late for you to get rid of your gambling addiction. As for some of the best and effective ways you can do to stop playing gambling, you can follow and understand some of the explanations below.

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Be aware of the addiction you are experiencing

The best tips and first steps so that you can get rid of your gambling addiction is to admit or realize your mistakes. Because you really need awareness from yourself to get rid of your desire to stop gambling. You also need to remember what impact you can get if you continue to gamble in the future, so that you can start implementing these initial steps now.

Avoid the gambling environment

You will find it difficult to get rid of the desire to gamble and be tempted to do it again if you still mingle in the gambling environment. Therefore, the best way to stop gambling again is to start avoiding the gambling environment. Because, it is the environment that is most influential which makes it difficult for you to stop the gambling activity. That’s why you can be sure that if you start avoiding the gambling environment, it will be easier for you not to come back again to be tempted to do the same thing.

Start by looking for activities / activities that are better and more positive

Another effective way to stop gambling is to start looking for activities that are more useful and bring a lot of positive things. By keeping yourself busy with good and positive activities, you can forget your former habit of gambling. Moreover, of course there are many positive activities we can do so we don’t think about gambling. Even though at first your goal of playing gambling is only for fun and entertainment, it could be a trigger for you to bet with money. Hence, avoid playing gambling games even if it’s just for fun.

That is some complete information regarding the notion of gambling and the effects it can have. Through the discussion above, it is hoped that anyone can better understand what is meant by gambling, whether to do it or not, and it depends on the wishes of each. However, you also need to remember other things you can get from gambling so that you don’t just do it just like that.