Bet types on Sicbo Live Casino Sbobet

Bet types on Sicbo Live Casino Sbobet

Good news for dice gambling connoisseurs, situs judi poker because currently there is a live casino game Sbobet that offers dice games online. Gambling dice at live casino Sbobet is called sicbo.

Along with the advancement of the internet, nowadays there are more and more enthusiasts of online dice gambling or sicbo. Almost all circles play sicbo Slot Online Terbaik starting from people in cities to remote areas, because this type of gambling is very familiar with gambling players in Indonesia.

You could say that playing sicbo is more profitable than playing dice as usual. In addition to the safety factor guaranteed by Sbobet and the bigger winning money offered, a bettor has more bet options when playing sicbo on Sbobet, because there are a variety of bets offered.

To find out what are the sicbo bet variations on Sbobet, specifically this time we will discuss them starting from the general to the special bet.

Bet on Sicbo Live Casino Sbobet

There is a sicbo live casino Sbobet bet that is simple and often a bettor option. The bet is big or small and odd or even. Here the bettor only guesses the total combination of the three dice whether the value is big or small, also can guess odd or even.

The combination of dice values ​​is said to be small if the value is 4 to 10, while the large combination is 11 to 17. While the odd combination is 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 and 17. While the even combination is 4,6,8 , 10,12,14,16 and 18.

Of course, the winning money offered is not too big. Naturally, because this method is quite easy to play. Therefore, the payment of winning money for the most common bet in this sicbo live casino Sbobet game is 1 to 1. This means that you will be paid by the dealer worth ten thousand if you place a bet with a value of ten thousand.

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Special Bets of Sbobet Live Casino Sicbo Betting

If you want to get the maximum benefit from playing daftar casino online Sbobet live casino, you can try to place a bet on special sicbo bets. Because in addition to the general bets, Sicbo also has five special types of bets that the bettor can choose from.

sicbo live casino betting specials

The first is triplets. In this bet the bettor guesses one twin number from the three dealer shuffled dice. For example, you bet 111, 444, or 666. The multiplication of the money to win this bet is the value of the bet multiplied by 150.

The second bet is twins, where the bettor guesses twins. For example 22 or 44. Multiplication of the money to win this bet is the value of the bet x 8.

The third bet is to guess the total value of the three dice that the dealer shuffles. The multiplication of the winning money that the dealer will pay is the bet value x 24.

The fourth specific bet is a double bet. Here the bettor guesses the value combination of two dice from the dealer shuffled three dice. The profit to be paid is the bet value x 5.

The fifth special bet that a bettor can choose when Slot Deposit Pulsa sicbo at live casino Sbobet is a single number bet. Here, the bettor’s job is to guess the value that comes out of one of the three city shuffled dice. Because it is quite simple, the calculation of money to win bets is the bet value x 1, or the same as the general bet.

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Those are the types of sicbo bets at live casino Sbobet viruschief. Hopefully this info can be a guide for all of you and you can try it now.